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Getting tested: where?

There are different options for STI and HIV screening in Belgium:

General Practitioner/Family doctor For STI screening and a regular HIV bloodtest. The doctor takes a blood and a urine sample and sends it to the lab for screening. You get the result after 2 to 7 days.

Test centre In Flanders there are 2 test centres for (free and anonymous) STI and HIV screening: the Elisa centre in Brussels and the Helpcenter in Antwerp. For HIV you can choose between a blood test and a rapid test. A rapid test produces very quick results, usually in 5 to 30 minutes. 

Swab2Know For HIV screening only. You can order the kit through the website. At home you take an oral fluid (saliva) sample. You send the sample to the laboratory. When the result is available you'll receive an email. You can discuss the test result with a doctor during a face-to-face consultation or you may choose to receive your result through the website.

Violett and Boysproject Free and anonymous STI and HIV screening for sexworkers.

Self tests You take your own blood or saliva sample and do the test yourself. The quality of tests sold on the internet is not always guaranteed. Do not buy tests without CE marking.

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